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Complete Rubber Net Systems


Explore our range of high-quality Aquarium Rubber Nets, expertly designed to cater to a diverse array of aquatic species with utmost care. These complete rubber net systems are an essential tool for anyone looking to handle fish safely and effectively, from hobbyist aquariums to professional marine environments.

Product Features:

  • Gentle on Fish: Made from rubber, these nets are gentle on fish, preventing scale damage and preserving the protective slime coating, crucial for their health and successful release.
  • Size Variety: Available in four circumference sizes (36″, 45″, 56″, & 72″) to suit different fish sizes and tank requirements.
  • Shape Adaptability: Comes in three different shaped suspensions (Hoop, Penta, & Ogive) for efficient and safe fish netting in various tank shapes.
  • Handle Options: Choose from 19 sizes of fixed light and medium-duty handles, or opt for adjustable extension handles (ranging from 2′ to 16′) for greater reach and flexibility.
  • Modular Design: Our system is modular, allowing for easy replacement of the rubber net without needing to replace the entire net system.

Animal Compatibility:

  • Ideal for a variety of fish including Koi, sharks, stingrays, lionfish, grouper fish, Queen Angelfish (Holocanthus ciliaris), Golden Arothron Puffer (Arothron meleagris), Niger Trigger Fish (Odonus niger), Clown Trigger Fish (Balistoides conspicillum), Red Sea Purple Tang (Zebrasoma xanthurus), and Blue Spotted Stingray (Taenuria lymma).

Additional Information:

  • Preparation and Care: Nets arrive in a protective plastic bag with a light oil coating to prevent drying. We recommend washing with warm water and soap before use.
  • Customer Support: Unsure about the best option for your needs? Contact us via email or phone for personalized assistance.

Our Complete Aquarium Rubber Net Systems are the perfect solution for aquatic caretakers who prioritize the health and well-being of their fish. Whether you are managing a professional aquarium or a personal koi pond, these nets ensure the safe and efficient handling of your aquatic inhabitants.


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