Back Off Suspension Tool


The Back Off Tool is an innovative solution designed for safe and effective animal management in various settings. This versatile tool is essential for animal caretakers, ensuring a safe working distance from a wide array of animals, from curious mammals to large birds and even reptiles. Even if the animal is not dangerous, you just do not need them getting up under you and causing you to trip or even fall.

This tool has three sizes:

1/4″ with handle up to 48″ – Use with very light or other small animals.

3/8″ with handle up to 48″ – Use with light to medium size animals under 10 lbs.

1/2″ with handle up to 48″ – Use with medium size animals under 30 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Universal Application: Ideal for a diverse range of animals, including mammals like goats, capybaras, and koalas, large birds such as cranes, swans, and condors, and reptiles including Komodo dragons and small crocodiles.
  • Flexible Polycarbonate Triangle: If you push it against the animal it will bow inwards NOT hurting the animal, but still keeping them away from you and the work you are doing!
  • Safety Ensured: Designed to prevent common risks such as bites, scratches, or jumps, the Back Off Tool helps maintain a secure barrier between caretakers and animals.
  • Enrichment Potential: When used skillfully, this tool also doubles as an enrichment device, contributing positively to the animal’s environment and well-being.
  • Non-Invasive: Carefully designed to keep animals at a safe distance without causing them any harm.

Ideal for use in zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, and personal animal care settings, the Back Off Tool is a must-have for anyone working closely with a wide variety of animal species. Whether you’re handling a curious kangaroo or a majestic swan, this tool ensures your safety while respecting the animal’s natural behavior.


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