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How To Handle Snakes with Mini Hydra Snake Tongs

Hydra Snake Tong, Hydra jaws, Mini Hydra Snake Tongs

A Lightweight Tool for Snake Handling

Engineered and crafted in the United States, the Mini Hydra Snake Tong stands as the ultimate “Go-to” tool for professional needs of zoologists, herpetologists, and animal professionals. This polymer snake management device is not just strong enough to handle snakes weighing up to 2 pounds, but it’s also remarkably gentle, making it ideal for neonates and small venomous snakes.

Our video titled “Mini Hydra Snake Tongs with Banded Jaws Demonstration,” provides a firsthand look at the practical application of these tongs in a live scenario.

Versatile in both indoor and outdoor settings, the Mini Hydra Snake Tong features a safety “thumb lock” to keep the jaws securely locked when not in use. Its sleek design encompasses a carbon fiber shaft encasing a solid stainless steel rod and inner workings, ensuring the safety of both the handler and the snake. This tool is a must-have for professionals, eliminating the risk of entanglement with no exposed parts.

Jaws of Precision:

What sets the Mini Hydra Snake Tong apart is its extraordinary lightweight construction and innovative design. With three interchangeable upper jaws, this tool adapts swiftly to any situation without requiring the purchase of multiple devices. 


The Allen wrench-secured jaws allow for quick changes, providing the necessary grip for various scenarios. The lower jaw’s Electro Discharge Machined (EDM) finished area prevents slippage, while its angled design facilitates the manipulation of items inside containers and the precise handling of the smallest snakes.


Flat Jaw: A clamp-like design ideal for securely holding small pieces of meat or invertebrates, making the Mini Hydra Snake Tong an efficient feeding tool. (Weight: 4.15 oz)


Curved Jaw: Designed to gently restrain snakes without causing harm to their spines or the handler. (Weight: 4.15 oz)


Banded Jaw: Uniquely designed with surgical tubing to protect even the smallest neonates’ ribs and ideal for delicately handling snake eggs without causing damage. (Weight: 4.30 oz)


Count on the Mini Hydra Snake Tong for a sleek, durable, and dependable solution for snake handling, manipulation, and feeding. Its ergonomic design and interchangeable jaws make it an indispensable addition to both professionals’ and hobbyists’ reptile handling equipment. 

The Hydra in Action: A Centipede Test

Our video demonstrates the Hydra Mini Snake Tongs equipped with a rubber band, specifically designed for handling delicate creatures like centipedes. Stoney shows how these tongs offer a secure grip, allowing for precise control without causing distress to the creature. The ease with which the tongs grab hold of the centipede is a testament to their effectiveness.

Versatility Unleashed

What sets the Mini Hydra Snake Tongs apart is its versatility. Stoney demonstrates how users can employ the thumb lock to securely grip the centipede in the middle, offering an additional layer of control. The tongs’ design allows for easy handling and manipulation, providing professionals with a valuable tool for various scenarios, especially when dealing with recently wild-caught creatures.

Free-Handling with Confidence

A notable highlight of the demonstration is the ability to free-handle the tongs without anyone holding the handle, showcasing the product’s user-friendly design. 


Stoney sets the centipede aside effortlessly, emphasizing that the rubber band exerts minimal pressure, comparable to a piece of tin, plywood, or rock underneath. This feature opens up possibilities for handling other creatures like scorpions, tarantulas, or insects, raising intriguing questions about the tongs’ broader applications.


The Mini Hydra Snake Tongs by Animal Equipment by Stoney LLC prove to be more than just a tool; they represent a breakthrough in animal handling technology. With a commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Stoney once again delivers a product that meets the diverse needs of professionals in the field. 


To explore this marvel and more, send us a message now for all your animal handling and capture equipment needs.