Telescoping Snake Hook


We have spend 6 years working on this new style Telescoping Hook. We set the bar higher for this type of telescoping snake hooks.

The 3 piece tubing is a thick wall Anodized Aluminum tubing.

The hook part is Titanium metal 1/4″ thick.

Has a hard rubber Knobby knots Grip to stop slippage when hands are wet.

Closed it is 21″

Half Opened it is 33″

Fully opened it is 44″

The new features are as followed

1. The hook will “NOT ROTATE” when a snake is on it.

2. The Hook has unique “locking Mechanisms” to keep the hook from collapsing. ( 3 settings ).

3. The twist metal collets have a very Knobby Course Surface. So that a wet hand will not slip when tightening or loosening!

4. The Hook comes with a Twist feature at the butt of the Hook. It comes with a Locking Lanyard . But a carabiner clip/hook could be used here also.

5. With the close tolerances of these tube, once it gets dirt or sand in it just like the others, it is hard to get clean. You are able to fully disassemble to clean it.

6. Replacement parts are available. The two Plastic insert collets or the Metal collets.

The hook part is Titanium metal 1/4″ thick.

The hook has a 4″ foot on the front.

The throat is 2″ Inside.

And has a very deep neck out of the shaft.

It is epoxied in the tubing with a 2 part epoxy.

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