Snake Bucket System in Pink


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**Limited Quantities** Our Pink Bucket Systems are made from FDA approved food grade plastic resin for the safety of your reptile. They are thick-walled (90 mil). Lids are in two parts: an outer ring that snaps onto the bucket and an inner disk that screws into the ring. Note we do not add air holes.

It comes with the 5 gallon Bucket, a screw on lid, and the Danger Venomous Reptiles in four languages plus visual picture.

Note: This is a Twister lid. Buckets coming from China or Mexico do not equal the 90 mil. U.S. made buckets even if they state they are 90 mil. You will find them to be much lighter. Also, in shipping more than one, we only attach one lid. Then we stack the Buckets inside each other, leaving the other lids at the bottom of the box to save on shipping cost. You will need to attach the other lids yourself. If unsure how, see our video on the company Youtube channel. Now FYI, these are a little hard to get on.

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