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Stump Ripper*

Our stump rippers are made from tempered aluminum tubes and titanium hooks. (This is NOT a golf club shaft). This is a great hook for fieldwork and may be the most essential hook you own. It gets the snake out into the open.

Some advantages of this hook:

1. The bend in the titanium hook allows trapping of the snake head while the hook lies flat.

2. The hook is strong enough to turn over stumps or logs.

3. It keeps you away from danger.

Some disadvantages of this hook:

1. It's not a universal hook - it must be made right or left-handed.

*DO NOT use like a crowbar. These will break.

Aluminum Stump Ripper

Available sizes
Lengths weight Lengths weight
24 in 7.40 oz 38 in 8.20 oz
26 in 7.60 oz 40 in 8.40 oz
28 in 7.40 oz 42 in 8.60 oz
30 in 7.60 oz 44 in 8.80 oz
32 in 7.80 oz 46 in 9.00 oz
36 in 8.00 oz 48 in 9.20 oz

Cost: $65.00

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