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Snake Tongs

Mini Hydra Snake Tongs

The "Mini Hydra Snake Tong" is a polymer "Snake Management" device engineered and manufactured in the United States designed to be the "Go To" tool for professionals including zoos, conservationists, herpetologists, aquariums and hobbyists alike. It is strong enough to manipulate snakes weighting 2 pounds yet gentle enough to handle neonates and all small venomous snakes!

The "Mini Hydra Snake Tong" can be used indoors or outdoors. The "thumb lock" acts as a safety device to keep the "Jaws" locked when not in use. This "must have" tool has a beautifully designed body that features a carbon fiber shaft that encases a solid stainless steel rod and inner workings so that nothing is exposed and no part of the animal becomes entangled!

The extremely light weight and sleek design is unique in that it has three (3) interchangeable upper jaws that can be switched quickly and easily to adapt to any situation by simply using and Allen wrench to remove two (2) stainless steel set screws - giving you the "Jaws" you need without having to purchase multiple tools. The lower part of the "Snake Jaw" has an Electro Discharge Machined (EDM) finished area to help keep things from falling or sliding off and the abgled lower jaw gives you the capacity to pick up and manipulate anything inside a container and to capture , feed or manipulate the quickest and smallest snakes!

The Jaws of the Mini Hydra Snake Tong

The first interchangeable "Jaw" is a "Flat Jaw" that works as a clamp to snugly hold on to small pieces of meat or small invertabrates which makes th "Mini Hydra Snake Tong" extremely easy to use as a feeding tool. The weight of this jaw is 4.15 oz.

The second "Jaw" is curved to help gently redtrain any snake without causing damage to the snake's spine and prevents injury to you and the snake. Weight of this jaw is 4.15 oz.

The third "Jaw" is a "Banded Jaw" whose unique design incorporates surgical tubing, so as not to crush or damage the ribs of even the smallest of neonates and makes the "Mini Hydra Snake Tong" a holding device that can be easily used to reach in and pluck out snake eggs without causing damage to them. Weight of this jaw is 4.30 oz.

Count on this the Mini Hydra Snake Tong

Sleek and elegant yet durable and dependable; the "Mini Hydra Snake Tong" is a handy tool around the job, at the house and on the road! It is a device perfect for handling, manipulating and feeding snakes, small mammels and even larger aquatic mammels! the interchangeable "Jaws" puts an end to the overexertion of pressure while handling reptiles.

The "Mini Hydra Snake Tong" is built with ergonomics in mind and features interchangeable "Jaws". These jaws are easily changed when the job calls for it! A solid addition tp anyone's array of reptile handling equipment, including both professionals and hobbyists alike; this device delivers convenience and performance in one tough package!

Price $60

Hydra Snake Tong Replacement Kit - $5.00

This Hydra snake tong replacement kit includes:

1 - .050 Allem Wrench for socket set screws
1 - O-ring for Trigger lock
1 - 6-32 for Trigger
2 - 4-40 Screws for Cover Plate
2 - 4-40 x 5/8 Socket set screws for Jaws
2 - 4-40 x 5/16 Socket set screws for Jaws
2 - Tubings for Branded jaw
1 - Inner spring

Snake Tongs

These tongs are safe and easy to use. The handles are set at an easy angle instead of a hard ninety degree angle found in lesser tongs. The jaws are made from warm polymer plastic, not cold steel or metal that can irritate a reptile. Internally, the tongs use solid rod linkage instead of more unreliable cable. When not in use, the jaws can be locked in the closed position with a thumb switch on the handle. The jaws close up nice and tight to make it easy to hold a small mouse tail for feeding.

Size Weight Price
24" 0.900 lbs. $45.00
36" 1.058 lbs. $50.00
42" 1.134 lbs. $55.00
48" 1.224 lbs. $60.00
60" 1.370 lbs. $70.00
72" 1.528 lbs. $75.00

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