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Mini Telescoping Hook

Mini Telescoping Hook - $11.00

This new telescoping hook has grooves in the shaft. So this means 'NO MORE OF THE HOOK ROTATING". Keep that reptile on your hook. Only one like this ot there.
This telescoping hook goes from 7.250 inches closed to approximately 26.5 inches fully opened. Total weight is 1.75 oz. To be used for snakes under half a pound. Construction is stainless steel hook with aluminum shaft and foam grip.

Warning: Dangerous to pin snakes with collapsible hook.

Rock Cliff Telescoping Hook - $65.00

This hook closed is 53" opens to over 20'.
Has a 1/2 " diameter polycarbonate hook on it.
This hook was designed to help researcher get snakes out of trees. Also herpers in West Texas wanted them to get small snakes off rock cuts. This also helps pull snakes out from under trailers, buildings, ponds, and other areas you may not want to get into.

Warning: Dangerous to pin snakes with collapsible hook.

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