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Protective Gloves*

Ours exclusively. This is not the gloves you've been getting from other companies. Made in the U.S.A.
Gloves are made of the highest quality materials. Because the human hand is relatively delicate, injury must be avoided at all cost. We feel these are the safest, most reliable gloves available. We cannot guarantee these gloves to be puncture proof, but we have designed and tested these gloves with non-venomous reptiles, and razor sharp teeth and claws in mind.
Our Protective Glove is made of a single layer of 5.5 oz elk skin, along the hands and up the wrist. The cuff is made of suede and lined, making it more puncture resistant than elk skin. The cuff extends from the wrist to the length of the forearm, and has a velcro closure.

XSmall (size 8), Small (size 9), Medium (size 10), and Large (size 12)

This glove is supple and comfortable to wear. Dexterity is not limited, and feeling to the hands is retained to a degree. For extra comfort, gloves are sewn in the gunn pattern with strong nylon thread. Reinforced welted thumb seams and Davey tips on the fingers give extra wear, and prevent seams from ripping in critical locations. A leather welt at the base of the fingers gives extra protection for a heavy wear area. Elastic back at the wrist adds comfort, and prevents slipping.

Key Benefits

Price $95.00 (per pair)

*Not for use with venomous snakes.

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